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Look Inward

Bring more of who you are into what you do. Examine your talents and discover your preferences with top-tier assessments. What are your key strengths?

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Look Outward

In order to aim the arrow, you must see the target. So investigate, collaborate, and connect by creating an action plan that works for you. Where are your best opportunities?

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Look Forward

Revise your resume social media; sharpen your interviewing and salary negotiation skills to gain an edge. Move ahead with confidence. Tell how do you fit. What's your best story?

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Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

For decades we have been offering a wide spectrum of tools and techniques to help you. Since 1988, our Career Catalyst L3 signature system helps individuals Look Inward> Look Outward> Look Forward and measure backwards. With three simple steps, you can turn what looks like an impossible task into a manageable course. Get the clarity and confidence you need. If you are ready to gain influence, income and impact, we are ready to help.

Do what you are! If you want to love your work, you are in the right place. Start exploring career options, building your personal brand, and marketing yourself by taking into consideration your background, passion, and talents. As a pioneer in the field, we have a wide spectrum of tools and techniques to help you like thousands of others. We have earned a cache of credentials that range from Personal Branding to Interview Preparation. Think strengths, not weaknesses. Let’s work together to get this ball rolling! All you have to do is contact us now.

When the cold front of human logic collides with the warm front of human passion, a thunderstorm of human brilliance occurs. - Dr. Rivers

Dr. Rivers, Master Coach, Leadership/ Competency Management Consultant, Digital Marketer, Speaker, Futurist

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From the boardroom to the classroom, she has a cache of top credentials ranging from software to softskills and consulting to coaching.


Proven background in business marketing, academia, and technology for individuals, organizations, and global brands.


She's earned a PhD in Adult and Post-secondary Education, and master's concentrations in computers and organizational behavior.

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